To become an RegPM (Registered Project Manager) you have to provide evidence that you comply with the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) RegPM framework standards. If you’ve had a look at these, you may be tempted to put the whole idea of becoming an RegPM in the ‘too hard basket’. Well don’t despair, we can help. Rod conducts RegPM assessments and believes that the assessment process should be an enjoyable learning experience and has a relaxed manner, which he modifies successfully for any environment. He can also help groups or individuals achieve their formal award with the formal assessment preparations.

In summary, his certification process includes:

Help deciding on your ”Level of registration“;
Assistance with the creation of an Evidence Portfolio linked to the nine Competency modules;
Conduct an assessment of the Portfolio of Evidence;
Preparation of detailed Assessment Report; and
Coaching, as required, to reach the Competency standards – including,if needed, workplace visits to witness skills demonstrations.
Recognition of Current Competency

As qualified Project Management Competency Assessor, Rod is able to provide this added service for individuals who are able to demonstrate through formal submission of documentary evidence, the level of competency required by the National Standards in Project Management.

Why use Rod for your RegPM assessment?

Compiling your RegPM evidence can be hard work. It can take many hours and you may still wonder whether you made the right choice or doing it the right way. Rod aims to save you time and believes in giving you the personalised help you need to complete the RegPM assessment process. If you would like to be certified as a RegPM contact Rod. Rod uses a unique combination of his experience and technology to make the certification process faster and easier. Moreover, Rod is available to help on weekends – he understands constraints for contractors (no work, no pay). If you would like your team/group to be certified, Rod can help with Group assessments. Rod is available to assess interstate and overseas candidates. He is able help you get your RegPM certification organised via meetings, web, phone, fax, email and post.

Getting Started

If you decide you wish to continue, contact Rod and he will organise a time for to meet with you and complete the RegPM assessment process.

RegPM Assessment Report

Following your assessment, Rod will write a detailed report and submit it to the AIPM on your behalf. Assuming that you are found competent, the AIPM will then send you a certificate of registration and list you on their website as a certified Registered Project Manager (RegPM).

Please note, the AIPM will not accept our report unless you:

are a member (as for non members the AIPM RegPM admin fee is $660 rather than $110);
have registered for the RegPM program (this can be done online at ); and
have paid both you membership fees (approx $350 if you join in Jan 06) and the RegPM admin fee ($110). This can also be done via the AIPM website.
For more information regarding RegPM Assessment please visit the following website link:

Please visit the following website link for more information on the types of AIPM Membership Most candidates usually go for the Associate or Member, Memberships. The fees are different depending on when you apply, so if you go into the website link you can view the fees associated with the different types of memberships.

Our RegPM Assessment Fees

After your assessment has been conducted, we will send you an invoice for $550 (plus GST) for the assessment. As soon as we receive payment for this, we will send your report to the AIPM.

This investment of $550 + gst involves a face to face assessment and the preparation and submission of the report to the AIPM. Rod is happy to meet briefly prior, if you would like to go through any of the critieria in more detail or need help deciding which level is appropriate. Ideally, you would at least provide he with a copy of your CV prior to the meeting and assessment.
Please note additional fees may apply if you seek Rod’s direct assistance with compiling your Evidence Portfolio. This will be agreed at the initial meeting.