If you’re new to project management, find information here on your Entry Level PM Certification options. Prince2 has no pre-requisites to pass the exam.

If you an experienced Project Manager, you’ll find information below on AIPM RegPM certification (recommended for Australian based PMs, particularly seasoned professionals who see little value studying for an Exam based certification option). Alternative PM exam based certifications options include PMP® or Prince®2

Why Certify? One of the key reasons is for helping you get a job interview with the hiring manager. Very few recruitment agencies will pass PM resumes onto employers, where the individual doesn’t have a form of PM Certification. Certification [traditionally] implies that someone is good at something. Typically when you get to interview, the employer hiring manager doesn’t rate the importance of certification as the most important key criteria (but still often is relevant; particularly if you wish to work for a US based IT company). You’ll find more information on why training relevant here and some comments differences between PM methodologies PMBOK vs Prince2 here.

RegPM Assessment. Rod can offer candidates assessment for the Australian Institute of Project Management’s (AIPM) Registered Project Manager Award Program (RegPM). This provides for recognition of a candidate’s professional competency standard. The program is closely related to the Australian Quality Framework through the use of the same standards. A candidate can seek recognition at one of three levels as detailed below.

Thinking about becoming a Registered Project Manager (RegPM)? Have you looked at the requirements for making this happen? To help prepare candidates, Rod offers assessment preparation guidance. Rod is able to assess candidates within Australia and Internationally :

Level 5 (Registered Project Manager) - Diploma in Project Management Level; and
Level 6 (Master Project Director) - Advanced Diploma in Project Management Level.
The investment required for the AIPM certification includes:

AIPM Membership Fees – payable to AIPM;
AIPM RegPM certification application fee – payable to AIPM; and
Our Assessment fee – $500 plus GST
Getting Started

If you decide you wish to continue with a RegPM assessment, contact Rod and he will organise a time for to meet with you and complete the RegPM assessment process.
Project Management Certification: “Certification” is the term used by professional institutes to recognise individuals who have attained a certain professional standard. RegPM is AIPM’s competency-based Project Management Certification Program. RegPM is globally recognised for its thoroughness and excellence.

PMBok Based. The AIPM is the national project management organization within Australia and has adopted the PMBOK as the basis of their certification program. There are multiple levels of certification that are tied directly into the Australian government’s Australian Qualifications Framework, a national program of qualification for all post-secondary vocational training and education.

Competency Based. While based upon the PMBOK, however, the AIPM designation is a demonstration of competency. RegPM is a competency-based, workplace assessment program which requires candidates to compile a logbook of evidence that shows that they are competent at one of three levels. Candidates go through an assessment process where they must demonstrate the successful application of the knowledge principles defined by each level to an Assessor who works individually with the candidate. A second stage of review has an independent Verifier validate that the assessment undertaken by the Assessor was complete, appropriate, and met the defined standards

The competency standards against which the award is granted are based on extensive research into national and international best practice in project management at the levels of work found in most private and public sector workplaces.

Value to Competency Based Certification. As noted in this ZDNet article, there is real substance to competency based assessments, versus certification based upon the ability to pass an exam (compared to a computer marking a multiple choice exam) : “The AIPM certifications in particular distinguish themselves as evaluations of competency, rather than simply knowledge, and offer two very different models that PMI would be well advised to investigate as a framework to build on the PMP”. The rigor of the RegPM assessment makes it a much better process to “separate the wheat from the chaff” and therefore impart more value to the letters after your name.

To move to the next level, seeking accreditation to Australian industry standards, as Registered Project Manager (RegPM) demonstrates candidates are leaders in the industry with the skills and knowledge to give our customers and partners confidence that can deliver the required capability on time and within budget.

The RegPM designation following your name demonstrates to current and potential employers that you possess a solid foundation of experience and education in project management that can have a positive impact on bottom-line results. The RegPM designation symbolizes knowledge and accomplishment and is highly regarded by colleagues and employers

As a certified RegPM, you will proudly join a successful group of professionals who are enriching and advancing their careers and the project management profession.

Commitment. Lastly, having taken the time and spent the energy to go through the certification process shows some commitment to the PROFESSION of project management. It shows that you take your profession seriously. It illustrates irrefutably that the prospective employee will make every effort to succeed (and exceed) at their assigned duties, rather than sit and wait for things to happen. It shows a Proactive approach towards an avocation; someone willing to take charge.

For more information on RegPM check AIPM website or call/email Rod below. If you would like to pursue RegPM Certification it is recommended that you become a member of the AIPM. (Please go to www.aipm.com.au for details).